NSW Health Legionella Regulations 2018 Released 10th August 2018

With the much anticipated release of the new Legionella Health Regulation's, there are a number of implications to most building owners and operators.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT PLANS (RMP) - mandatory requirement for all Cooling Water Systems
  • Annual Independent Audit
  • New prescriptive monthly report to be completed by the duly Qualified Person (this is not the standard Water Treatment Service Report)
  • Unique ID numbers to all cooling towers (to be provided by Local Government)
  • Compliance with AS 3666 part 3
  • There are a number of not so obvious implications hidden in the details of AS 3666 part 3 to be aware of. The most significant changes to the operating and testing requirements are;

      • Corrosion monitoring mandatory  - monthly reporting
      • Measurement of water temperature at the return to the cooling tower required monthly
      • Monitoring of Make-up water quality, even where potable water is used, required monthly
      • Sampling for microbiological testing (HCC & Legionella) to be collect from the recirculating water system. NOT the cooling towers themselves.
      • NEXT STEPS

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