Chemical Water Treatment - Equipment

Integra manufacture, supply and install a variety of ‘off the shelf’, as well as custom designed water treatment dosing and analysis packages’ for the treatment of cooling towers, boilers and wastewater plants.These range from standalone controllers and pumps through to web-based remote monitored systems and fully integrated PLC controlled solutions.

Our dosing equipment utilises peristaltic self- priming pumps wherever practical (developed for the medical industry), avoiding “loss of prime” problems and the relatively high maintenance costs associated with traditional diaphragm pumps.

Integra manufacture a range of tailor made systems:

  • Multi-tower controllers and dosing pump skids (up to 4 towers from one system)
  • Bag filter skids (multiple configuration options)
  • Side stream filtration using unique hydro-cyclone spin filters
  • Media-Filter skids
  • Zero Tolerance (integraZetol) remote monitored ORP dosing skids
  • Corrosion monitoring systems
  • Deposit monitoring systems