Pre-Treatment / Filtration

Integra is a full service provider in the Pre-Treatment / Filtration sector offering Australia’s best and most comprehensive capabilities in all forms of water filtration and ion exchange. Our personnel have been specifically recruited and trained to provide the necessary expertise to fulfill any customer’s requirements. We are able to provide coverage for mechanical water treatment requirements across Australia with offices in every major capital city.

From preventative maintenance servicing through to fully engineered, designed and built turn-key plants, integra are committed to providing the right solution for any given application.

What is it?

Pre-treatment removes the materials that can be collected from raw waste water.

Products and Technologies

Integra has comprehensive knowledge on a broad spectrum of water treatment technologies and equipment; not only the latest developments and products but also with much of the equipment which is still in service in the industry over the past 30 years.

The main forms of technology in Pre-Treatment are:

Membrane Casing