Pre-Treatment / Filtration - Plant Design & Construction

Integra boasts superior skills and workmanship when it comes to looking at new packaged plants. All our systems are designed, built and constructed in Australia at our manufacturing facility in Adelaide.

Our dedicated and specialised Pre-treatment team has some of Australia’s most comprehensive knowledge and experience. Combine this with our extensive service background, and we have been able to develop packages that are designed with maintenance, service and operational costs considered for the long term. Out focus is on Whole-of-life (WOL) as well as capital cost conscious.

All our systems are custom built and constructed in Australia – for Australian conditions.

We specialise in skid mounted or containerised plants and all are built with redundancy and expandability in mind.


  • Installation and commissioning

    Integra have their own specialised team to install and commission our water treatment solutions. We can install plants to any metropolitan area through to the most remote corners of each State in Australia.
  • Pilot Plants

    Integra offer a range of pilot reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants and UF Filtration plants in varying sizes to verify an application or water quality.

    We will also build custom pilot plants – specific to a project or application. Talk to one of our staff about the options or projects for some free advice.
  • BOO/ BOOT/ Rental Plants

    Integra offer Build Own Operate or Build Own Operate Transfer options. This can benefit the customer as Integra would be fully responsible for the plant operations and maintenance, ensuring water quality and flows meet targets. All risk is then removed from the customer allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

    Talk to our staff about the options available.
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts

    Integra’s aim is to have extremely strong working relationships and long term associations with our customers. Our preventative maintenance agreements (PMA’s) on water treatment and reverse osmosis plants are performance effective programs whilst being cost competitive. Out commitment to the Service and Technical back-up we provide, we believe, is second to none.

    Talk to one of our pre-treatment staff about your service requirements and we would be happy to visit your site and provide a competitive quote for servicing.
  • Supply of Parts and Consumables

    Integra can supply a comprehensive range of parts and consumables for most water treatment plants.
  • Refurbish / Plant Upgrades

    Not only can Integra design and build new plants, but we are also one of Australia’s leading companies to provide expert refurbished plants and upgrades. We can refurbish / upgrade / convert:
    • Reverse Osmosis / Desalination plants of any capacity
    • Ultrafiltration (UF) systems
    • Microfiltration (MF) systems
    • Softener and ion exchange plants
    • Demineralisation plants
    • Multimedia and sand filter systems
    • Carbon filter systems
    • Potable water systems and chlorination plants
  • Technical Support

    Our dedicated and specialised pre-treatment team holds some of Australia’s most comprehensive knowledge and experience. Combine this with our extensive service background and you have over 100 years of filtration experience.

    Integra operate a 24 hour service and emergency call out provision backed by our expert team.

    Remote monitoring is available via our remote monitoring centre based in Adelaide. This can allow for either plant monitoring and alarm call-outs or monitoring and remote control of the plant.

    If you have a project in mind or a problem at hand – please talk to any of the Pre-treatment team for some no obligation advice.

  • Pre-treatment Chemical Supply

    Integra is one of Australia’s leading chemical suppliers of:
    • Dechlorination
    • Antiscalants
    • Chemical cleaning
    • Membrane sanitisers
  • Plant Audit & Performance Evaluations

    Integra is one of Australia’s leading chemical suppliers. Integra can provide professional and independent audits on any plant or system and provide a detailed performance evaluation.

    Talk to any one of our Pre-treatment staff about plant audits.

Automation Housing

  • AZZO Automation
  • Tristar Electrical
  • Sage Automation

See video of how a reverse osmosis plant works.