Projects - Fosters Group Lindemans Winery

Case Studies

Client: Fosters Group Lindemans Winery

Configuration: Chemical Water Treatment - Cooling Tower bacterial control

Feed Water: Mildura Mains Supply

Size: 10 x White's Cooling Towers

On-Time & Budget: Yes

Contract: Design/ supply/ install/ maintain

Description: Foster's Lindemans Winery at Karadoc is one of Australia's largest wineries. A comprehensive solutions was developed to incorporate a control system for all grouped cooling towers to utilise ORP, internet remote monitoring, data logging whilst minimise water and chemical consumption. The result was a single Integra Meaotron control system that satisfied all the consumers objectives in complete water management of up to 4 systems at a time, allowing rapid responses to any variation to set parameters and thus far no high bacteria or legionella counts have been recorded