Projects - Nyrstar Port Pirie Lead Smelter

Case Studies

Client: Nyrstar Port Pirie Lead Smelter

Treatment Type: Pre-treatment/chemical water treatment complete site.

Assests: High presure/ low pressure boilers, cooling towers, closed loops, waste plant, sea watet system, demineralisation plant.

Date Completed: N/A

On-Time & Budget: Yes

Contract: Design/ supply/ install/ maintain

Description: Nyrstar Port Pirie is one of the largest smelters of Lead and Zinc smelters in the southern hemisphere. The smelter and refinery produces a total of 300,000 tonnes of metals each year, including lead, silver, zine, copper, gold and sulfuric acid. Integra have the contract to provide complete site with water treatment service, chemical supply and maintenance. Integra have designed and installed a new sea water treatment system to substantially reduce fouling the cooing circuits.