• Digital pen programme
  • Remote monitoring
  • Scale deposit monitoring

Zero Tolerance

Integra has pioneered the development of a Zero Tolerance dosing package, specifically to assist our Victorian clients meet the requirements of the strict Victorian Health (Legionella) Regulations 2001. The Zero Tolerance package, is an all- inclusive, ‘best practise’ system, applicable to virtually any commercial installation.

Digital Pen

Integra has established an efficient and prompt reporting system by developing an electronic reporting process. With the use of a digital pen the technicians in the field can file reports instantly. The system promotes ease of storage, security, immediate notifications of excursions and an immediate filing of the reports. The technology has the ability, with Handwriting recognition software (HWR), to take any handwritten form and convert the data to text, thus providing the business benefits in remote data capture.

Remote Monitoring

Integra can show you how to leverage the power of the internet to achieve active control and monitoring of your cooling towers. Real time access to your system provides here and now assistance in managing effective biological control while minimising corrosion and helping meet state regulations. Reporting and control delivered by the internet – desktop, laptop or mobile phone – gives you more flexibility, more options and more control of your cooling system.

Scale Deposit Monitoring

This technology is a constant measurement of deposition characteristics of cooling water systems. Deposit sampling is performed by increasing the rate of deposition in a specimen tube with a cartridge heater.